Payment & Shipment

Payment Methods

At present we are accepting Advance T.T, Cash, Direct Bank Deposit. for New Customer and our regular customer payment is B/L draft Copy showing ( Other payment methods will be added soon.)


Our huge networking in Bangladesh allows us to provide the cheapest price available in Bangladesh.

  1. Receiving and verifying the quotations of suppliers by studying their suitability both in terms of quality and capacity to meet contractual requirements.
  2.  Negotiation and finalization of price.


Arranging vessel for shipment with the forwarders and follow up shipment points for smoother connections. The above are some of the important activities we perform to provide a very effective service.

Shipment will be as our customer requirements by See Port Or By Air Shipment , Sea freight

Air-freight and truck will calculate by either weight or size, depend on which is higher which size calculation use this formular : width x height x length divide 6000.

For example : If send dress 150 pcs with a box even though total weight is only 25 kgs but size of packing box is 50 x 80 x 60 cm

which equal 40 kgs (50x80x60/6000). Customer will be charge as 40 kgs weight.

Sea-freight will calculate by cubic meter (CBM) which come from this formula : width x height x length divide by 1,000,000.

For example : if send dress to europe with this method, need 5 boxes, size is = 50x60x50cm which = 0.75 (50x60x50 /1,000,000 x5).

So customer will be charge as 1 CBM cost

Imagine shipment container on a big ship in a sea. This method take longer period (3-9 weeks average, depend on

distance) to receive and documents require which mostly cargo will handle it for customer. We do have well-selected

cargo to service you but if customer have their own cargo, we are also willing to coordinate with your cargo as well. This

method can be calculate once, we or cargo know exactly amount and quantity you will purchase and need customer to

provide exactly destination address’s details e.g. zip code, port name, shipment terms

Logistic Booking Area Or Stamping Zone