Buyer & Supplier

Mridha International is a leading all kinds of Apparels sourcing  & buyer agent company in Bangladesh  in the world. The company produces some of the most fashionable Ready made garment supplier and owns one of the most comprehensive and resourcefulall kinds of Apparels sourcing In America, Canada, Australia, South America Zone with Europe Zone. we have been delivery garments & sweater item to all the world   per year more 100 million pcs.

Mridha International today is working with some of the biggest companies of the world. Now we are working some of big and good reputed buyer all the world. below our running customer.


  1. Costco ( USA)
  2. Noni B  Group ( Australia)
  3. CKM ( Australia)
  4. TXM ( Poland)
  5. ADTN (USA)
  6. Jcorp  (Canada)
  7. Moraj ( Poland)
  8. Inter Sports (El Salvador)
  9. Phillobar ( Canada)
  10. Chic Parisien S.A  (Uruguay)
  11. Lojas Renner (Brazil)
  12. Concept Club (Rasia)
  13. DMR (Rasia)

Supplier/Garments Factory

  1. Florence Group
  2. Day Group
  3. Mitali Group
  4. Base Textile
  5. V & R
  6. Al amin Group
  7. Jumar Fashion
  8. J K Shirt
  9. Adila Group
  10. Spider Group
  11. Shadhin Textile
  12. Lebis Tex
  13. Fariha Textile
  14. Mojat knit composite
  15. Lilak fashion Ltd
  16. Dart Group
  17. DBL Gruop
  18. Dk Sweater Ltd
  19. JFK Sweater
  20. RMM Sweater Ltd.
  21. Rupa Group (Knit Composite and Sweater)